Tree Trimming

Excellent tree trimming services in the Northwoods

It’s important to have your trees professionally maintained in order to avoid damage and personal hazard in case of breakage due to rot or extreme weather conditions. At Dano’s Tree Service, we do everything we can to optimize the health and safety of your trees with our extensive trimming, shortening, and pruning services. 

Branch trimming

Regular trimming helps maintain a tree’s optimum health and strength. When limbs become overgrown, they are more susceptible to rot and can pose a threat to other nearby trees and structures on your property. Count on our experts to take care of overgrown branches and to keep your trees in the best condition for their health and your safety. 
Trimming of branches being done in Manitowish Waters, WI

Shortening trees

Not only do we take care of overgrown and rotting branches, but we can even shorten your trees for you. By cutting the top branches and the body of a tree, you can reduce risk even more and increase visibility. We do this in a way that is sustainable for the tree, so that its health and stability is preserved. 


Dano's Tree Service strives to take all the necessary steps towards safety. In this industry safety is a requirement. We are proud of the high safety standards we practice. Our business was built on the shoulders of the quality work we perform. Our reputation of excellent customer service, stability, and safety is the bedrock of Dano's Tree Service.

To keep your trees healthy and stable, schedule a trimming appointment with us today! (630) 450-6641

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